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Click to go back to home Lightpeak transceiver IC is the engine of Optical Module. It drives the VCSEL laser to form a high speed light signal. The light is coupled to the fiber and transmitted to another end; where the light is coupled to the Photo Diode (PD) and converted to electrical signal. Then the light peak transceiver IC will amplify ( recover and condition) the electrical signal. It is the best choice for 1G-50G AOC applications.
12.5G x 2 transceiver IC for AOC Applications
· For SFP+ AOC

· For Thunderbolt AOC


VCSEL, Photo Diode
Instrument and Others
· SC-MDD Macro Defect Scanner


· Photo Diode

· CSI Wet Oxidation System

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Optical Communication has never been easy. We totally understand and try to help customers from every aspect.

We have been focusing on optical communication components distribution business. Our management team contains a vast amount of experience and industry knowledge. We have excellent technical and logistic support to provide customer variety products and in time service.

OEchips has been committed to quality service, today and into the future. Youˇ¦ll find evidence of that commitment in our relationships with our customers, vendors and peers and in every design-win solution we deliver. From sample run, pilot run to mass production, we always work with customers to face all kind of challenges and solve all kind of technical issues.

Service, Technology, Trust and Sharing are what we believe. We want to create an all-win environment that our customers, vendors, employee and Quantek are winners. Optical communication business is the territory we have been focusing for years. The backbone of internet ( Telecomm, Data Center, 4G) is optical communication. We can provide optical solution for 10G SFP+ AOC ( active Optical Cable), 40G QSFP AOC. Other applications such as Thunderbolt AOC, USB-C AOC, HDMI AOC and even 40G, 100G can be discussed.  


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