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Click to go back to home Lightpeak transceiver IC is the engine of Optical Module. It drives the VCSEL laser to form a high speed light signal. The light is coupled to the fiber and transmitted to another end; where the light is coupled to the Photo Diode (PD) and converted to electrical signal. Then the light peak transceiver IC will amplify ( recover and condition) the electrical signal. It is the best choice for 1G-50G AOC applications
12.5G x 2 transceiver IC for AOC Applications
· For SFP+ AOC

· For Thunderbolt AOC


· For HDMI 2.1 AOC
VCSEL, Photo Diode
Instrument and Others
· SC-MDD Macro Defect Scanner


· Photo Diode

· CSI Wet Oxidation System

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Optical Communication

Wireless IP ( ISM Band, Blue Tooth 4.0)



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